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Lapsang Souchong is a red tea originated from the Wuyi region of Fujian, best known for its uniquely smoky scent. In its processing, the tea is smoked with pine fire, sure to remind you of a barbecue or a campfire.

This authentic top grade lapsang souchong has unparalleled quality in every aspect. The dry tea leaves provide the signature smoked pine aroma accompanied by dry logan fruit sweetness. The fragrance of the tea teases your nose when brewing, and upon the first sip, the aromas are transformed into a complex and wonderful experience for your palate. The woody, smoky flavour of the deep amber liquor quickly embraces all the senses and follows up with the mellow and sweet dry logan aroma wrapped in a silky, round mouthfeel uncommon for black tea. Shortly after the sip, a delicate astringency transfers into an orange chocolate flavour that lingers pleasantly.


Dry leaf: smokey-sweet, think shery-aged whiskey
Liquor color: deep red-orange
Liquor aroma: smoked pine and shortbread cookies
Flavor: perfectly balancedbsmoke & lychee sweet
Mouthfeel: thick, silky and round
Bottom cup: shortbread cookies, lingering forever!
Also known as Zhengshan Xiaozhong

Lapsang Souchong 传统正山小种

  • Origin: Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province.

    Water temperature: 98°C-100°C

    Amount: 6 grams per person

    Suggested steeping 30 sec add 10s for successive infusions.

    Suggested tea set: Gai Wan ; Yi Xing Zi Sha Tea Pot 

    Storage: Please place in a cool, dark, sealed,clean and dry place.

    Storage condition: room temperature


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