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Pu'er Yellow Leaves

This variety of Yellow Leaves is produced in Yunnan, from Ban Zhang Lao Zhai.

In recent years, with the diversified development of the market and more tea enthusiasts having the opportunity to recognize, understand, and taste Yellow Leaves, its modest price and unique flavor have gradually been accepted and loved by more people. People have given it a resounding name - "Golden Leaves."

The production process and quality of Yellow Leaves are consistent with the selected tea leaves from the"Xiao Cha Ju" tea garden.

Yellow Leaves has a longer growth cycle, and the leaves have a thick texture, known for their sweet and mellow taste, making them durable for multiple infusions.

In terms of taste,Yellow Leaves is not bitter or astringent. The new tea doesn't have the same level of stimulating characteristics as raw Pu-erh tea, making it more approachable.

Especially for those who are just starting to drink Pu'er tea, Yellow Leaves is an excellent introductory choice.

Why is Yellow Tea considered a genuine "daily tea"?

Yellow Leaves inherently possesses the attribute of being a "daily tea."

This is particularly true for Yellow Leaves made from high-quality leaves from famous mountains.

Firstly, the quality of the raw materials is excellent. Secondly, since it is a by product that is "selected" out, the price is very affordable.

It is enjoyable when freshly brewed and becomes even more charming as it ages. Tasty, not expensive, and suitable as a daily tea, it is an excellent choice.

Brewing tips for Yellow Leaves:

[It is recommended to wake the tea in advance]

Use a large gaiwan or covered bowl as the main brewing vessel for convenient tea leaf expansion.

Preheat the cups and utensils to enhance the vessel temperature, allowing the tea to fully express its characteristics.

The amount of tea leaves can be slightly more than typical raw Pu'er tea. For example, in a covered bowl with a capacity of about 120ml, use approximately 3-5 grams of tea leaves.

For the first steep, perform a quick rinse with water just above the tea leaves.

You can try brewing with boiling water or slightly lower the temperature to around 92°C for a softer, sweeter taste.

The first few infusions should be quick to avoid over-steeping. As the number of infusions increases, you can gradually extend the steeping time.

Tea enthusiasts can also try boiling Yellow Leaves, appreciating its fragrant, smooth, and sweet characteristics.

Ban Zhang Raw Pu'er 班章老寨黄片 2019

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