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Ingredients: Oolong Loose Leaves
Product description:

Aroma: The aroma is rich and persistent, resembling frankincense or peach fragrance, with hints of cinnamon bark.

Tea Soup: The tea soup has an orange-yellow color, bright and clear.
Taste: The taste is mellow, refreshing, and has a distinct "rock essence and floral fragrance."
Shape: Plump, tightly rolled, heavy, uniform, and clean.
Color: Oily and lustrous.
Leaf Base: Thick, soft, glossy, uniform, with a distinct red edge.

Wuyi Cassia Rock Tea is believed to have the following health benefits:

Stomach Tonic: Wuyi Cassia stimulates the sense of smell, promoting gastric function, accelerating gastric juice secretion, and enhancing stomach motility. Regular consumption is associated with noticeable stomach-toning effects.
Antioxidant Properties: The tea contains potent antioxidants and vitamin C, helping to eliminate free radicals in the body and release hormones that combat stress. The moderate caffeine content stimulates the central nervous system, refreshing the mind.
Digestive Aid: The abundant cinnamon oil in Wuyi Cinnamon Rock Tea stimulates the sense of smell, reflexively promoting intestinal absorption, enhancing secretion, and aiding in the removal of waste. It has digestive and digestion-promoting effects.
Anti-Aging and Bone Health: The tea's catechins exhibit strong anti-aging activity by neutralizing active oxygen molecules in cells. Additionally, it is rich in manganese, iron, fluoride, potassium, and sodium, contributing to alleviating tooth decay and preventing osteoporosis.
Metabolism Booster and Fat Burning: Cinnamon Tea contains polyphenols like catechins, promoting metabolism and fat burning. Regular consumption, coupled with exercise and a balanced diet, may contribute to weight loss.
It's important to note that these potential health benefits are based on traditional beliefs and observations. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice and before making significant changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Wuyi Rock Tea Brewing Method:

Preheat Utensils: Before brewing tea, rinse the teapot, teacups, or gaiwan with hot water to elevate the temperature.

Measure Tea Leaves: It is typically recommended to use about 6-7 grams of Wuyi Rock Tea. This quantity can be adjusted based on personal taste preferences and the size of the tea utensils.

Aroma Shake: Pour the dry tea leaves into a warm teapot or gaiwan, gently shake it three times, and slightly lift the lid to smell the aroma.

Brewing: Use boiling water to brew the tea leaves, emphasizing control over water temperature and time. Generally, the first infusion can be relatively short, with subsequent infusions gradually extending. Brewing time can range from 10 seconds to 1 minute, depending on individual taste preferences.

Pour Tea: After brewing, evenly pour the tea liquor into teacups.

Repeat Infusions: Wuyi Rock Tea can usually be infused multiple times, with each infusion gradually extending in time until the tea leaves lose their flavor.

Note: Brewing methods may vary based on personal taste and the specific variety of tea leaves. It is recommended to adjust the process according to individual preferences and experience.

Traditional Handcrafted Production Originating from a Natural Scenic Area

Aroma Cassia 花香肉桂

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