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Ingredients: Black Tea Loose Leaves
Product description:

Phoenix Dancong Black Tea is a crossover creation made from the raw material of Phoenix Dancong original tea through the process of black tea production. It is a brand-new experiment in the crafting of Phoenix Dancong tea.
Its taste is no less than that of Jin Jun Mei and Zhengshan Xiaozhong. It not only possesses the style of black tea but also the charm of Dancong tea, inheriting the floral and fruity fragrance of Dancong tea. It also has the advantages of black tea, making its flavor unique and incomparable to ordinary black teas.

Phoenix Dancong Black Tea is a type of black tea produced entirely according to the process of black tea. Phoenix Dancong Black Tea has a rich honey-like aroma, an elegant and enduring floral fragrance, a smooth taste, and a sweet aftertaste. The brewed tea has a clear and translucent liquor, typically in shades of orange or reddish-orange. Phoenix Dancong Black Tea not only possesses the charm of Dancong tea but also features floral and fruity notes.

Dancong Black Tea has distinctive characteristics. The finished tea has robust and straight tea leaves, uniform and sturdy, with a yellow-brown color that is glossy and shiny. It may also have vermilion-red spots. It offers a sweet aftertaste reminiscent of black tea, with a persistently fragrant aroma during brewing. It naturally carries a unique high-honey-floral fragrance, showcasing an elegant and enduring profile. The taste is exceptionally smooth, with a silky mouthfeel, a sweet and rich flavor upon swallowing, and a refreshing aftertaste that moistens the throat. It possesses a unique mountainous charm, and the exquisite combination of fragrance and sweetness upon entering the mouth is unparalleled by ordinary black teas.


Efficacy and Benefits of Phoenix Dancong Black Tea:

  • Stomach Nourishment:

Fenghuang Black Tea has the efficacy of nourishing the stomach, making it particularly suitable for consumption in the autumn and winter seasons. The tea is fully fermented and roasted, with a low content of tea polyphenols that have been oxidized, causing minimal irritation to the stomach. Drinking Fenghuang Black Tea not only does not harm the stomach but also nurtures it. It can protect the gastric mucosa and has a certain therapeutic effect on gastric ulcers.

  • Refreshing:

The caffeine in Phoenix Dancong Black Tea can stimulate the cerebral cortex, exciting the central nervous system and providing a refreshing effect. In times of high work pressure and mental fatigue, drinking a cup of Fenghuang Black Tea can enhance concentration, improve responsiveness, and boost memory, leading to increased work efficiency.

  • Heat-clearing:

Phoenix Dancong Black Tea also has the benefit of clearing heat. Consuming it in the hot summer can relieve heat and quench thirst. This is because substances such as sugars and pectin in the tea can stimulate saliva secretion, keeping the oral cavity moist and providing a cooling sensation. The caffeine in Fenghuang Black Tea can also regulate body temperature, aiding in cooling and relieving heat.

Please note that these statements are based on traditional beliefs and may not be supported by scientific evidence. It's always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Brewing Instructions for Phoenix Dancong Black Tea:

Brewing Phoenix Dancong Black Tea is crucial for bringing out its excellent flavor. It involves mastering several key factors, including water quality, water temperature, tea-to-water ratio, and brewing time.

Water Quality:
Use mountain spring water or purified water for the best results. The quality of water directly affects the taste of the tea.

Water Temperature:
Ideally, the water temperature should be between 95 to 98 degrees Celsius. Avoid continuous boiling, as excessive boiling can alter water quality and impact the taste of the tea. Heat the water until it produces "fish eyes" (small bubbles with a faint sound), and then it's ready.

Tea-to-Water Ratio:
For one to three servings, use 3 to 5 grams of tea. For four to eight servings, use 5 to 6 grams . 

Brewing Time:
Control the brewing time within 2 seconds for the first infusion, 3 seconds for the second infusion, and slightly longer for subsequent infusions (approximately 6-10 infusions). Adjust the brewing time according to personal preferences.

After brewing, Phoenix Dancong Black Tea can be personalized by adding fruit juice, honey, coffee, milk, etc. It can also be turned into iced tea or milk tea with the addition of ice cubes. For a unique twist, try adding lemon slices to create "Lemon Black Tea."

These guidelines ensure the optimal brewing of Phoenix Dancong Black Tea allowing you to savor its rich flavor and enjoy the tea according to your preferences.

Brewing Tips for Phoenix Dancong Black Tea:

The aroma of Phoenix Dancong leaves a lasting and distinctive impression, making it crucial to pay attention to key factors such as water quality, tea quantity, and water temperature for optimal brewing. In areas with hard water quality, it's advisable to choose purified water with a pH around 6.5. Controlling the tea quantity to 4-5 grams per 100 milliliters and using boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius are also essential. Adjust the brewing time according to personal preferences, and immerse yourself in a positive mood to fully appreciate the rich, refreshing, and sweet aftertaste of each infusion.

Brewing Steps:

  • Choice of Utensils:

Using a lidded bowl for brewing Phoenix Dancong is preferred. Some enthusiasts are quite adamant about using a lidded bowl and believe it produces a better taste than using Yixing purple clay teapots.

  • Distinguishing Fragrance:

Identify whether the tea has a clear fragrance or a strong fragrance.

  • Brewing Times for Clear Fragrance:

First infusion: 5 seconds

Second to fifth infusions: 10 seconds
From the sixth infusion onward, you can slightly extend the brewing time.

  • Brewing Times for Strong Fragrance:

First infusion: Not less than 10 seconds (depending on the tea)
Second infusion: 20 seconds
Third infusion: 30 seconds
Subsequent infusions can be adjusted according to personal preference.
Remember, these are general guidelines, and the brewing times can be adjusted based on personal taste preferences. The process of brewing Fenghuang Dancong in a lidded bowl is enjoyed by many, enhancing the overall tea-drinking experience.

Dan Cong Black Tea 单丛红茶

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