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Ingredients: Oolong Tea Loose Leaves

Product description:

The appearance of Eight Immortais Dancong tea features tightly straight tea leaves, larger compared to other Fenghuang Dancong varieties. The color is black-brown, presenting an oily and glossy sheen.

The tea soup exhibits a golden-yellow color, clear and bright, with a unique charm. It offers a sweet and mellow taste with a hint of sweetness, a high-pitched aroma, and exceptional endurance for multiple infusions.
Eight Immortais belongs to the category of high-aroma teas, and the mature tea exudes a sharp and prominent aroma of orchid flowers. This particular Eight Immortais undergoes light roasting, resulting in a fresh and elevated fragrance. Combined with the unique characteristics of high-altitude growth, the tea is characterized by a high aroma and rich flavor. GC/MS analysis indicates the presence of over 53 aromatic components in Eight Immortais Dancong tea, showcasing its typical high-aroma profile.
Due to the generally light roasting of Eight Immortais Dancong tea, it offers an elegant and clear sweetness, with a rich honey flavor and a fragrance that permeates the water.

Brewing Instructions:

Tea Brewing Container Materials:

(1) White porcelain lidded bowl (allows for clear observation of leaf bottom)

(2) Clay teapot / Yixing purple clay teapot (less likely to scald hands for women)

(3) Glass utensils (visually appealing, great for photography)

Tea Amount:

For a 150ml lidded bowl, it is recommended to use 6-7 grams of tea.

For a 120ml lidded bowl, it is recommended to use 5-6 grams of tea.

(Lighter/Darker taste, adjust +/- 1-2 grams based on the above standards)


Mineral water > Purified water > Purified tap water

Tea Brewing Method for Ya shi Dancong :

Water for Brewing: It is best to use natural mineral water, followed by purified water or filtered tap water.

Tea Amount: Around 5-8 grams. (Based on the Number of Servings)

Tea ware: Use a lidded bowl or a purple clay teapot, according to personal preference.

Water Temperature: 95-100 degrees Celsius, keep the water continuously boiling, or in a state of warmth.

Steeping Time: The first infusion is a warm-up, essentially rinsing the tea. Pay attention to using boiling water and work quickly; if it takes more than 3 seconds, too many substances are extracted, and this infusion should not be consumed. For infusions 1-10, steep for 0-20 seconds. However, don't be mechanical; appreciate the tea with care.

Eight Immortais 八仙

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