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Ginger Flower

Ingredients: Oolong Tea Loose Leaves
Product description:
Phoenix Dancong Ginger Flower Fragrance is a unique type of Phoenix Dancong tea, known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. Here is an introduction to the characteristics and brewing method of Phoenix Dancong Ginger Flower 
Appearance: The tea leaves are slender and glossy, presenting an elegant ginger flower fragrance type.
Aroma: The tea emits a unique and enduring aroma of ginger flowers, fresh and captivating.
Liquor Color: The brewed tea has a bright orange-yellow color.
Taste: The tea offers a mellow and sweet taste with a prominent ginger flower aroma, leaving a lingering aftertaste.
Infusion Endurance: It has good endurance for multiple infusions, allowing for repeated brewing.
Fenghuang Dancong tea is renowned for its unique fragrance, and its aromatic profile can be described using the following terms:
Floral Aroma: Fenghuang Dancong tea often carries a rich floral fragrance, which may include the scents of various flowers such as orchids and osmanthus.
Fruity Notes: Some Fenghuang Dancong teas may release fruity aromas, such as peach, plum, or citrus notes.
Woody Fragrance: Certain Fenghuang Dancong teas exhibit woody characteristics, resembling the fresh scent of wood or a forest ambiance.
Sweet Aroma: Certain Fenghuang Dancong teas feature a distinct sweet aroma, enhancing the allure of the tea liquor.
Spicy Notes: Occasionally, there might be hints of spices like cloves or cinnamon, adding complexity to the tea's flavor profile.

In general, the fragrance of Fenghuang Dancong tea is highly intricate, encompassing various elements that contribute to a rich and deep tasting experience.

The combination of these aromas varies depending on factors such as the tea's growing environment, processing techniques, and specific tea cultivars.

Brewing Method:

  • Tea Amount: Recommended usage is 5-6 grams of tea leaves, with the option to adjust based on personal preference.
  • Teaware: Choose from a white porcelain lidded bowl, Yixing purple clay teapot, or glass utensils, depending on personal taste.
  • Water Temperature: It is recommended to use water at a temperature between 95-100 degrees Celsius.
  • Brewing Time: The first infusion should last around 10 seconds, with subsequent infusions gradually extending the brewing time.

Overall, Fenghuang Dancong Ginger Flower Fragrance is a unique and elegant tea, suitable for tea enthusiasts who appreciate the distinctive aroma of ginger flowers.

Ginger Flower 姜花

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