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Ingredients: White Tea Loose Leaves

Product description:

This Jasmine tea is crafted using delicate green tea leaves from Sichuan and high-quality Jasmine flowers from Guangxi, ensuring exceptional quality. It offers a high-grade tea experience, characterized by sweetness and freshness.

Jasmine tea is an aromatic delight that captures the essence of jasmine flowers in each sip. This fragrant tea is crafted by infusing green tea leaves with the delicate and alluring scent of jasmine blossoms. The result is a brew that not only enchants the senses with its floral bouquet but also offers a soothing and refreshing taste. Jasmine tea is renowned for its subtle sweetness, balanced with the gentle bitterness of green tea, creating a harmonious fusion that lingers on the palate.
Jasmine tea is beloved for its unique floral fragrance and refreshing taste. 
Aromatic Floral: Jasmine tea is renowned for its rich floral aroma. During the crafting process, green tea leaves are infused with fresh jasmine blossoms, imparting the tea with the delightful scent of flowers. This floral fragrance is the distinctive charm of jasmine tea.
Refreshing Taste: Jasmine tea offers a refreshing taste, thanks to the pure and elegant aroma of jasmine flowers. Each sip carries a subtle floral note, providing a crisp and pleasant sensation, making it especially suitable for consumption in hot weather.
Subtle Sweetness without Overwhelming: Jasmine tea presents a delicate sweetness without being overly sugary. This subtle sweetness complements the natural slight bitterness of green tea, creating a well-balanced flavor profile.
Long-lasting Aftertaste: After sipping jasmine tea, one often experiences a long-lasting aftertaste. This is another characteristic of jasmine tea, leaving a lingering sweetness on the palate that is hard to forget.
Smooth without Intensity: The tea liquor of jasmine tea is smooth and mild, unlike some intense tea varieties. This makes it a pleasant and enjoyable tea suitable for daily consumption.
The production process of Jasmine tea typically involves the following steps to ensure the tea leaves fully absorb the fragrance of jasmine flowers, presenting a unique taste:

Picking Tea Leaves: High-quality Jasmine tea often uses tender green tea leaves as the base. The tea leaves from Sichuan's small tea residence are chosen from the tender buds of green tea, allowing them to better absorb the floral aroma during the production process.

Harvesting Jasmine Flowers: Fresh jasmine flowers are selected, usually picked before the blossoms fully open. The flowers must be kept intact and undamaged.

Mixing Tea Leaves and Flowers: The harvested jasmine flowers are mixed with green tea leaves. This can be done in the traditional handcrafting process to ensure an even absorption of floral fragrance by the tea leaves.

Infusing with Floral Aroma: To enhance the absorption of floral aroma, the tea leaves and jasmine flowers typically undergo seven cycles of mixing and resting. This ensures the full penetration of the floral fragrance into the tea leaves.

Baking: The mixed Jasmine tea is subjected to baking, aiding in better integration of the floral aroma with the tea leaves while removing excess moisture.
Jasmine tea is a fragrant and refreshing beverage that captivates the senses with its aromatic bouquet. Here's a brewing guide for jasmine tea:


Jasmine tea leaves: 3-5 grams (adjust according to personal preference)
Water: 250 milliliters (boiling water)

Prepare Tea Utensils: Use a Gaiwan, glass teapot, or glass cup.

Rinse the Utensils: Pour hot water into the tea utensil, swirl it around, and quickly pour it out to preheat and cleanse the tea leaves.

Add Tea Leaves: Place jasmine tea leaves into the teapot, approximately 3-5 grams.

Pour Boiling Water: Brew the tea leaves with boiling water, ensuring the water temperature is above 95°C.

No Need to Rinse First Brew: Pour the boiling water directly, and the steeping time can be adjusted according to personal preference, generally recommended for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Pour Tea: After an appropriate time, pour the tea liquor into a teacup.

Sip and Enjoy: Taste the jasmine tea, savoring its unique flavor and rich aroma.

In addition, jasmine tea is also suitable for cold brewing or adding ice to make iced tea, providing more ways to experience its unique flavor. Brewing time and tea leaf quantity can be adjusted based on personal taste preferences. Hope you enjoy a cup of delightful jasmine tea

Jasmine Green Tea 小茉莉

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