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This Old Cha Po was produced in the year 2000.

Ingredients: Yellow  Loose Leaves

Product description:

In the period around the first frost, as temperatures drop and the temperature difference increases with minimal rainfall, tea plants rely on dew for growth. During this time, young tea shoots grow vigorously, and older leaves become thicker, containing rich nutrients. The branches, leaves, and roots of the tea tree are preparing for the onset of flowering.

Therefore, it is advisable to harvest the leaves at the right time, slightly sweet with a sensation of sweetness (some describe it as sugarcane sweetness), resulting in a fragrant and sweet taste.

Old Cha Po Process:

Harvesting of older leaves around the first frost.
Steaming to halt oxidation.
Drying (either sun-drying, roasting, or air-drying).
Old Tea Po Brewing Methods:

Brewing Method:

Gently rub the dry leaves in your palms.
Place the leaves in a gaiwan or Yixing teapot, rinse them twice with hot water.
Brew with a longer infusion time as the tea soup extracts slowly.
Soaking Method:

Use a hot water bottle or thermos.
Add an appropriate amount of tea leaves and pour hot water.
Soak for two to three hours. For a stronger taste, let it steep overnight.
Boiling Method:

Take an appropriate amount of tea with a water-to-tea ratio of about 1:50.
Boil for approximately 3 minutes, then let it steep for 15-30 minutes before drinking.
Iced Method:

Old Cha Po, being sweet, is also delicious when enjoyed chilled in the summer.
Pour the brewed or soaked tea into a cold cup, cool it, and refrigerate. Drink it chilled for a refreshing taste.
Health Benefits of Old Tea Po:

According to the book "Tea Medical Research" , certain coarse and aged teas, such as Old Cha Po, contain higher levels of tea polysaccharides. The pharmacological functions of tea polysaccharides include reducing blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, preventing uric acid, anti-radiation, anti-coagulation and thrombosis, enhancing immune function, antioxidant effects, anti-atherosclerosis, lowering blood pressure, and protecting the cardiovascular system

Liu Bao Leaves 老茶婆婆 2000

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