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Ingredients: Black Tea Loose Leaves

Pine Needle belongs to the category of black tea. It is a premium variety of Dian Hong tea, and there are different types of Dian Hong tea based on the production process, with Dian Hong Song Zhen being one of them.

Pine Needle is created by Yunnan tea artisans who introduced strip-making machinery and technology into the traditional Dian Hong Gongfu tea process, resulting in the production of high-quality Pine Needle premium black tea. The selection of materials for Pine Needle is meticulous, with the finest varieties typically using only one bud as raw material, while slightly lower grades may use one bud and one leaf.

Different harvesting standards and production processes contribute to the varying qualities of Dian Hong tea. High-quality Dian Hong tea is characterized by tightly twisted and structured leaves, a bright red liquor, a fresh and strong aroma, a mellow and rich taste, and the ability to withstand multiple infusions. Pine Needle quality features are exceptionally prominent.

The appearance reveals golden tips, appearing straight and needle-like, giving an upright and elegant impression. The tip of the tea leaves has a bright golden color, and the dry tea emits a rich and lasting maltose fragrance. The tea exhibits excellent characteristics in terms of color, aroma, and taste. After brewing, the liquor is red and bright, with a high and long-lasting aroma, a fresh and sweet taste, and a maltose fragrance that pervades. The tea leaves a smooth and lasting sweetness in the mouth, with a high aroma, rich taste, and strong flavor.
Bright black-brown, think and mellow taste with high fragrance. Higher grade tea has delicious honey black tea flavour

Brewing Instructions for Pine Needle:
Dian Hong Tea, a uniquely distinctive type of tea, requires specific considerations when brewing. Let's start with the water temperature. A genuinely good Dian Hong tea is not afraid of boiling water (lower-quality ones may be sensitive to boiling water). In other words, if you want to evaluate the quality of a tea, it's best to use boiling water. This allows the tea's components to release more fully, revealing both its strengths and weaknesses. 

Brewing Yunnan Black Tea:

  • Choose Tea Ware: Use a glass, crystal, or white porcelain cup for better observation of the tea liquor's color and transparency.
  • Water Temperature: Yunnan black tea doesn't require high water temperature; it's recommended to use water around 90-95 degrees Celsius. Avoid using boiling water to prevent affecting the tea's aroma.
  • Prepare Tea Leaves: Use 3 to 5 grams of tea leaves, adjusting according to personal preference. Premium Yunnan black tea typically uses fresh and tender tea buds, especially one bud and one leaf.

Brewing Steps:

  • First Infusion: 5-7 seconds, mainly to awaken the tea leaves; do not consume.
  • Subsequent Infusions: Gradually extend brewing time with each infusion, reaching 1-2 minutes.
  • Adjust Tea-to-Water Ratio: Generally, use 3 to 5 grams of tea leaves with a water ratio of approximately 1:50~1:80. Adjust according to personal taste preferences.
  • Adjust Flavor: Gradually adjust the concentration of the tea liquor during brewing until you find your preferred taste.
  • Enjoy: Savor the rich and mellow taste of Yunnan black tea, and appreciate the red and transparent appearance of the tea liquor.

Pine Needle 大松针

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