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Yunnan ancient tree Pu 'er tea flower, produced in "Banzhang Laozhai"  Yunnan Province, picking from more than 1,000 years old tea tree, picked and made in autumn 2022. It has long been recorded by the ancients. Lu Yu, a tea saint, used "flowers like white roses" to describe tea flowers. The petals are white, the stamens are pale yellow, and the flowers are charming. Sweet and delicious, light honey aroma. 

This tea variety is in the form of a tea cake.





Origin: "Banzhang Laozhai", Yunnan Province,China

Water temperature: 90°C-95°C

Amount: 2g-3g

Suggested steeping 2-3 minutes

Suggested tea set: glass cup

Storage: Please place in a cool, dark, ventilated, clean and dry place.

Storage condition: room temperature

Pu'er Camellia 云南古树普洱茶花 (班章)

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