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Qilan is one of the classic floral Wuyi Oolong.

It has an obvious sweet and nutty aroma which makes it famous.


Juicy and textural with lingering florals, Qilan is most famous of this sweetness and its aromur. As soon as it is brewed, the smell of chinese orchid and gardenia is filled the air in whole room. Especially, our hand-pick and hand-crafting fluffing process lets the tea carefully preserve natural forest cover as well as the florals brought out. 

QI LAN 2022 奇兰

  • Origin: Wuyi Mountains, Fujian Province.

    Water temperature: 98°C-100°C

    Amount: 5-8 grams per person

    Suggested steeping 30 sec add 10s for successive infusions.

    Suggested tea set: Gai Wan ; Yi Xing Zi Sha Tea Pot 

    Storage: Please place in a cool, dark, sealed,clean and dry place.

    Storage condition: room temperature


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