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Sweet, rich, iconic Ripe pu’er Cha Tou

These "Cha Tou" form naturally in the heat and moisture of the pu’er aging process. The result is a dessert-like tea with notes of maple syrup, cherry, sandalwood, vanilla and tulsi.

March 2018 foraged from ancient tea forests in Bu Lang mountain one of the most remote tea growing regions in the world.
 stewardship of these tea forests and pass on old-school pu’er hand-crafting techniques that yield incredibly complex tea.

Dry Leaf: wood,earth, nutshells.
Wet Leaf:  hints of dried date , woodiness. 
Liquor Colour: Ruby. Deep lustrous ruby.
Mouth Feel:  Thick,full, round 
Flavour: wood, dried date, rich, sweet.



Ripe Pu'er Cha Tou 2018 茶头

  • Origin: Bulang Mountain Yunnan Province

    Water temperature: 95°C-100°C

    Amount: 2-3 grams per person

    Suggested steeping 2-3 minutes (wash it use 100°C Boiling water)

    Suggested tea set: Gai Wan ; Yi Xing Zi Sha Tea Pot 

    Storage: Please place in a cool, dark, ventilated, clean and dry place.

    Storage condition: room temperature


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