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Ingredients: White Tea Loose Leaves
Product description:

Shou Mee White Tea is a high-quality white tea variety produced in Fuding City, Fujian Province, China. The Shou Mee White Tea from "Xiao Cha Ju" is made from leaves harvested from wild tea trees, using traditional handmade methods. This Shou Mee White Tea is from the 2018 harvest."

This Shou Mee has a fresh and refreshing taste.

  • Origin: The cradle of Shou Mee White Tea is in the TaoMu Shan region, and Fuding City is its main production area.
  • Picking Standards: During harvesting, typically one bud and one leaf or one bud and two leaves of tender growth are selected to ensure the freshness and quality of the tea leaves.
  • Production Process: Shou Mee White Tea is renowned for its unique production process, which involves natural withering and sun-drying. This method aims to preserve the natural aroma and active compounds of the tea leaves

 Production Process:

Natural Withering: The tea leaves undergo natural withering, allowing the tea buds to slowly change naturally and retaining the maximum amount of active enzymes and polyphenols.
Sun-Drying: After natural or complex withering, the tea leaves are sun-dried to ensure the shape and dryness of the tea leaves.

  • Appearance Features:

     Tea Infusion: The tea infusion of Shou Mee White Tea typically exhibits a light yellow color, clear and transparent.
     Tea Leaves: Dry tea leaves appear silver-white, emitting a subtle fragrance, and the leaf shapes are intact.

  • Taste Characteristics:

Fresh and Elegant: Shou Mee White Tea offers a taste that is fresh, light, and elegant, preserving a refreshing quality.
Sweet and Lingering: The tea infusion is sweet upon entry, leaving a lasting, lingering sweetness that immerses the drinker in the aftertaste.
Slight Bitterness and Astringency: Within its subtlety, there may be a hint of bitterness and astringency, adding depth to the tea's profile.

Storage and Consumption:

Shelf Life: Shou Mee White Tea generally has a long shelf life, with the flavor improving over time, especially with aging.
Nutritional Value:
Health Benefits: Traditionally, white tea is believed to have health benefits, including heat-clearing, vision improvement, liver protection, anti-inflammatory properties, and blood sugar reduction. It is also thought to aid in refreshing the mind, lowering blood pressure, and assisting digestion.
Shou Mee White Tea, with its distinctive production process and flavor profile, is cherished by tea enthusiasts. Additionally, it holds cultural value due to its long history and regional characteristics.

Brewing Instructions: follows the steps below to ensure a rich aroma and refreshing taste:

  • Amount:3-5 grams (adjust according to personal preference)
  • Water: 150 milliliters (warm or hot water)
  • Steps:

Prepare Tea Utensils: Use a purple clay teapot or glass teapot, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. If using a purple clay teapot, it can enhance the smooth texture of the tea.
Rinse the Utensils: Pour hot water into the purple clay teapot or teapot, rotate it, and quickly pour it out. This helps to preheat the utensils and clean the tea leaves.
Add Tea Leaves: Place Shou Mee White Tea into the pot, about 3-5 grams is recommended. Adjust the amount of tea leaves based on personal taste.
Pour in Hot Water: Brew the tea leaves with warm or hot water. The temperature can be chosen based on personal preference, with around 95°C.
First Rinse: After pouring in hot water, immediately discard the first infusion. This is considered a rinse to activate the tea leaves and enhance the quality of the tea liquor.
Steeping: Pour in water for the second time, and steep for a duration that suits your taste, typically recommended between 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Pour Tea: After waiting for an appropriate time, pour the tea liquor into teacups, ensuring to pour out as much water as possible from the pot to avoid over-soaking.
Taste: Experience the fresh and mild flavor of Shou Mee White Tea with a lasting aftertaste. If desired, you can brew multiple infusions, gradually extending the steeping time with each round.

Shou Mee White Tea can also be boiled.

Following these steps, you can brew a cup of uniquely fragrant and refreshing Shoumei white tea, and you can adjust the brewing details according to your personal taste.

Shou Mee2018 寿眉

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