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Old Tree Silver moon light  Pu’er is a rare and unique white tea. Due to its production technique it is a tea which does not fall into one of the six true tea categories. Some consider it a white tea, some consider it a pu’er. Yue Guang Bai (white moon light in Mandarin)  using various tea craft production methods. Once the fresh leaves are picked; the tea is withered under the moon light until it is dry; unlike traditional pu’er tea, which must be withered under the sun. Since it is withered for a significant time, it causes some oxidation of the interior enzymes. This unique process gives the tea liquor an aroma similar to black tea. You may be surprised to see the tea liquid becoming darker after several infusions! The dry leaf is floral, woodsy, and hay like in aroma; once steeped, the mouthfeel is almost syrupy, and there’s a slight nectar sweetness in the flavor.

Origin: Nannuo Mountain , Yunnan
Aroma: Honey and young sprouts
Colour: light yellow



Silver Moon Light 月光白

  • Origin: Nannuo Mountain Yunnan Province

    Water temperature: 95°C-98°C

    Amount: 2-3 grams per person

    Suggested steeping 1 minutes 

    Suggested tea set: Gai Wan ; Yi Xing Zi Sha Tea Pot 

    Storage: Please place in a cool, dark, Sealed, clean and dry place.

    Storage condition: room temperature


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